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Monopoli - Bari - Italy


The ECO boilers are the best solution for producing hot water for domestic use and for heating houses, civil and industrial premises, hotels, restaurants, etc.

They use granular material like pellets, almond shells, olive pomace, peach and cherry seeds, pine nuts, and wood processing waste like chips and shavings as fuel.

Using this material allows a heating cost saving of up to 80% compared to the use of traditional fuels like gas, heating oil, lpg, etc..

Combustion is carried out by means of a mechanical burner with Archimedean screw (or double Archimedean screw) connected to a container with a bearing capacity of 100 kg. - 300 kg. or direct storage.

The various construction modifications have led to the creation of a three step flue gas discharge boiler which allows a better performance and continual abatement of the dust emissions.

The most innovative aspects of these boilers are their compact size, which favours rapid and easy installation, their low operating noise, the limited maintenance necessary and the excellent quality of the materials which they are made with.

The boilers are fitted with a command and control module for automatic operation. They come with a use and maintenance manual with a guarantee (three years), test certificates and flue gas emission certificates in compliance with the laws in force.


In the three revolution “marine” type boiler, the flue gas itinerary from the combustion chamber to the flue is carried out along a three step itinerary with maximum heat exchange yield with the internal walls of the generator.

The generator body is fitted in a single block along with all the accessories and electrical system. It is manufactured and tested in accordance with the ISPEL standards currently in force. It is manufactured entirely of certified quality steel and has a large cylindrical hearth where the combustion products, covering the revolutions of their itinerary, exchange heat mainly by heat radiation firstly and then by convection, thus entering the tube nest from where they are conveyed into the rear flue gas chamber.

All the membranes and the tube nest are welded electrically. The body is coated with high insulating power insulating material. The boiler equipped with quality equipment is ready for completely automatic operation.

The good combustion yield, no lower than 90%, and the use of solid fuel smalls, allows a significant saving of operating costs to be obtained.
The supply of the stand-alone kiln thus includes:
  • A BODY with tube nest made with SS pipes; tube plates and membranes made of Fe 42 quality steel; insulated and accessible front door with an internal layer of cement agglomerate and expanded clay, rear flue gas chamber for connecting to the stack; coating the body with high density insulating material and enamel painted external protective plate; electric command and control panel.
  • An ARCHIMEDEAN SCREW or DOUBLE ARCHIMEDEAN SCREW MECHANICAL BURNER activated by a gearmotor-reducer with manual regulation of the number of output revs.

    The hearth is made with modular foundry cast iron pieces which once assembled create a ring with chambers communicating with the air diversion pipes coming from the centrifuge electric fan located outside the burner. The Archimedean screw is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The models available range from 35,000 Kcal to 400,000 Kcal.